System of Performance
it's all about a smart way to work

WHAT IS 🔴 SOPit15?

SOPit15 stands for System Of Performance,
and it's all about a smart way to work. It is an intelligent tool that brings together our skills and knowledge to get things done properly. It helps us work together happily as a team. When we use SOPit15, we achieve excellent quality and financial results.


More Hospitality Yours is a testament to possessing absolute mastery in delivering an elevated standard of hospitality:

Yours signifies the certainty that you possess the capability and authority to provide an exceptional level of hospitality to your guests, surpassing conventional expectations. It represents your unwavering dedication to go above and beyond in creating a welcoming and extraordinary experience.

Ours signifies our commitment to deliver an Intelligent Tool, that supports and guides your team of Skilled and Open-minded People through a meticulously planned and executed implementation process. We stand as your partners, and we assist you in overcoming challenges and opening the path to your success.


1. For Hotel Investors and General Managers.

We help you improve your business performance.

Our common goal is to create a friendly environment for your team. We help you increase sales, increase guest satisfaction, improve communication and reduce expenses.

Thanks to SOPit15, implemented in accordance to its values:

  • Your business strategies have a real impact on your business profitability.
  • Your team better understands, identifies and pursues core goals, mission and values.
  • The most valuable resource of TIME is measurable, countable and optimized.
  • Your team creates transparent procedures and works effectively based on processes.
  • Your team optimally shares knowledge and communicates effectively.
  • Your team is more empowered, engaged and appreciated.
  • You have supervision over all processes and the certainty that you deliver the right quality.
  • You are ready for unexpected changes, and they hurt you less.
  • You easily inspire feedback, measure satisfaction and celebrate successes.
  • You are a real team member and thanks to that an even better Leader.

2. For Head of Department and Associates.

We help you improve your cooperation.

Our common goal is the maximum optimization of knowledge sharing and information flow. We give you an intelligent tool, helping you work easier and have better results at the same time.

Thanks to SOPit15, implemented in accordance to its values:

  • You know your goals. You see the perspective and directions of development in the team.
  • You are onboarding a new team member together, instead of burdening one expert.
  • You quickly create and adopt knowledge from many sources, and achieve full efficiency.
  • You always have a solution to the most demanding situations at hand.
  • You consolidate your knowledge discreetly and at your own pace.
  • You easily share work in the team and monitor each other's effects.
  • You communicate easily between departments and deliver your promises to the guests.
  • You do it repeatedly, you build personal reputation, and become heroes.
  • Together you work for guests’ happiness, reduce refunds for not delivered promises.
  • You rest in your free time, because your team knows what to do, how to do it, and why.

3. For the whole team

We help you work more responsibly and environmentally friendly.

Thanks to SOPit15, implemented in accordance to its values:

  • You print less and waste less paper.
  • You send fewer emails with large attachments.
  • You use less electricity to maintain the servers.
  • You use and waste less food.
  • You are building a community that respects each other's work, needs and differences.
  • You work according to the rules and regulations you create.
  • You consciously communicate your values and become a role model.

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast" (Peter Drucker)

We will not help you build complex strategies in search of simple solutions. We will help you build a culture where everyone has simple solutions at hand and knows how to use them.
Implementation roadmap
TO SOPit15!


1. Commitment

  • We are committed to the common cause of More Hospitality Yours.
  • We are part of your team, responsible and ready.
  • We commit time and effort to achieve common goals.
  • We support Skilled and Open-minded People.
  • We believe in effectiveness as a result of joint commitment and determination.
  • We prepare you to solve challenges and pain on the way... and for champagne at the finishing line.

2. Innovation

  • We create and implement intelligent tools for the hospitality industry.
  • We give unique value and solutions that are trully supporting business and cooperation.
  • We stimulate creativity in teams.
  • We find other clever solutions on the market and recommend them to Partners.
  • We promote the idea of continuous improvement and quality of change.
  • We call the initiators, the Architects of changes. We support their development.

3. Change

  • We recognize change as a universal and constant feature of the 21st century hospitality.
  • We adapt to rapid changes in generations, attitudes and values.
  • We quickly identify needs. We react flexibly and anticipate circumstances.
  • In constant transformation, we see an opportunity for growth and progress.
  • We take you to the world of change that catalyzes innovation.
  • We change what has always been. We create what will be tomorrow.

Dynamic relationship of these three values creates a loop that drives us. Our goal is the success of the teams we join. Joint commitment motivates us to think creatively.

In the process of creation, we find focus. The excitement and sense of ownership that comes with discovery, reinforce this commitment.

Together we are the Architects of change. We engage and introduce innovations. We are ready for new challenges and strive for constant improvement.

Try the demo and see how easy it is to build a culture of effective communication of standard operating procedures in your Team!
SOPit15 easy pricing
Set up fee 3 900 PLN net
50% prior to implementation / 50% after implementation
Subscription 97 PLN net/month/admin
(monthly price in case of annual payment - 1 payment in advance)
121 PLN net/month/admin
(monthly price in case of monthly payment - 12 payments in year)
  • hotel profile configuration
  • personalization to hotel visual identity
  • dedicated catalog of standards operating procedures
  • 8 hours of implementation training (up to 9 admins)
  • 30 days of extended implementation support
  • number of viewers as per declared hotel structure
  • technical and operational support

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